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Whether it is cyber criminals or hacktivist groups, the threat landscape is constantly changing. Attacks are increasingly moving into business critical systems and inflicting more damage than ever before.

Cybercriminals are also stepping up attacks against disinformation campaigns. They are exploiting compromised devices, encrypting databases, and requesting bigger ransoms. As these threats continue to increase, organizations need to be proactive in defending against attackers.

In addition to defending against threats, IT organizations need to build tools that can help to thwart malicious attempts. One key technique is to use threat reports to extract critical threat information. These reports are based on keyword extraction, text classification, software vulnerability information, and event identification.

The Defense Department and law enforcement work closely together to combat cybercriminals. However, it’s difficult to assess the capabilities of the Department to tackle cyber criminals. Often, the Department is reluctant to discuss its cyber security capabilities.

One example of cybersecurity-related blogs is AlienVault. These blogs provide insights on the latest attack techniques and cybersecurity tips.

These blogs also offer insights on how to protect your business from a cyber attack. Cybersecurity vendors also post cutting-edge news. Cybersecurity news sites such as Threatpost and The Hacker News cover current trends in information technology.

Another source of cyber-related news is Twitter. Reputable security experts post regular feeds on Twitter. Cybercriminals are increasingly using mobile as a prime phishing attack vector. 80% of pirated software-loaded PCs in Asia are infected with malware.