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Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, and Malware are all forms of malicious programs that are designed to cause harm to computers and computer networks. These programs are usually created to collect and steal data or sabotage the normal functioning of the system. The threat actors use various physical and virtual means to spread these malicious programs.

One of the first forms of malware was a worm, which is a type of computer program that is designed to spread. These programs are similar to viruses in that they copy themselves and spread through the system. However, they differ in that they don’t destroy files. These programs spread through exploits or vulnerabilities in the system, which is why they are also known as zero-day exploits.

One of the most common types of malware is ransomware, which encrypts data and demands a ransom payment to unlock it. This is a form of cybercrime that has affected businesses of all types.

Another type of malware is a banking Trojan, which is designed to steal banking credentials and drain the victim’s bank account. It also sends gathered information to the attacker.

One of the most dangerous forms of malware is ransomware, which uses a backdoor to get into an infected computer. This allows the threat actor to remotely access the system. It also tracks the user’s browsing history and download history. The threat actor can then use the information gathered to access the user’s personal information.