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digital security

Investing in digital security is an important aspect of the information age. People rely on digital technology for almost everything. Cyberattacks can cause a financial loss or damage to data. Cybercriminals can also harm executives, employees and other individuals. A data breach can also ruin an organization’s reputation.

The digital security industry is growing rapidly. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the total number of cyber attack complaints has increased 69% over the last year.

Cybercrime costs the global economy $1 trillion per year. The International Cybercrime Center (IC3), a US government agency, receives over 2000 attacks complaints per day. It also reports that in the first quarter of 2020, incidents of cyber fraud and abuse rose by 20 percent.

Digital security programs, also known as cybersecurity programs, are increasingly important. The number of students graduating with a digital security degree has grown significantly.

Digital security programs help organizations protect their data from hackers and other threats. They also provide authoritative references for compliance with statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements. They can be found in universities and other government agencies.

A good digital security program will also include metrics and controls. The metrics are designed to measure performance and improve accountability. They are also useful for making decisions. The controls are technical safeguards that lessen the threat actor’s ability to exploit vulnerabilities.

In addition, many security policies are outdated and are poorly scoped. They also add to the organization’s technical debt.