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A firewall can be used to stop a wide range of threats. A firewall is a piece of software installed on your computer that blocks or prevents certain types of traffic from entering or leaving your system. Different types of firewalls have different functions and features. For example, a packet filtering firewall checks each packet for the header of a message and may drop it if it contains any harmful data. Alternatively, a circuit-level gateway monitors TCP handshakes or other network protocol session initiation messages to determine if a connection is legitimate. It also inspects the content of each packet and decides if it is harmful or not.

A firewall’s rule base needs to be optimised to prevent unwanted access. A large rule base can slow down a firewall. Streamlining rules can improve network security by eliminating duplicates and redundant elements. It can also prevent the creation of shadowed rules that cause more critical rules to fall by the wayside.

A firewall is an essential piece of a company’s defense against electronic threats. It acts as a gatekeeper between a private network and a public network. Properly maintained, a firewall can detect problems early and prevent them from spreading. It will also alert you to any potential malware infections before they can cause significant damage to your network. This prevents lost productivity and money due to the cleanup of malware.