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Hackers are people who know how to crack computer systems. Some people are good at hacking and can use this knowledge to cause havoc. Other people use their skills for good, like locksmithing. Hacking skills are not necessarily illegal, and some people work in the technology industry to make money. But the term can also be used negatively.

Hacking started in the 60s at MIT, where the term “hacker” was first used to describe programmers who were expert in FORTRAN. Eventually, hacking turned into a billion-dollar industry. During the 80s, the FBI raided a group called the “414s”, and in the 90s, hacking was widely publicized. Since then, hacking has become a serious threat to our society.

Hackers target various types of electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets. The Android operating system is a particularly inviting target for hackers. Some hacking techniques include phishing attacks, where ordinary users are tricked into divulging personal information to fraudulent websites. Others use DDoS attacks, in which fake traffic is used to overload the server hosting a website. Hackers also target devices such as webcams. The first hackers, also known as phreaks, developed low-tech methods to circumvent secure telecommunication networks.

Hackers are often motivated by competitive motivations, such as the desire to steal information from rival companies. They may also be motivated by a desire to gain fame and recognition. Hacking has also been used as a tool by nation-states to influence elections, access government files, and cause political unrest. Other hackers may engage in hacking as a form of civil disobedience.