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In today’s world, cyber-security is vital for organizations, especially those that depend on the internet for business processes and communications. In addition to protecting sensitive business data, cyber-security protects endpoints from malware, hackers, and insider misuse. It protects data and network infrastructure from unauthorized access, and includes day-to-day monitoring and remediation. Modern cyber-security approaches are applicable across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. These techniques ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data, applications, and systems.

Cyber-security is crucial for every business, large or small. Recent statistics show that cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, affecting not only major corporations, but also small and mid-sized companies. Depending on the type of attack, cyber-attacks can cripple a company’s operations or result in substantial fines. In addition to financial and reputational damage, breaches can affect customers.

One of the best ways to prevent cyber attacks is to back up data regularly. It improves redundancy and protects against attacks that compromise data integrity and availability. Furthermore, sensitive information should be stored using strong encryption algorithms to ensure confidentiality. It is also important to implement effective key management policies. In addition, all web applications should use SSL/TLS encryption.

Computers can become hacked by bots that access websites. While some bots are legitimate, such as the Googlebot that crawls websites for its search index, many of them are malicious and launch attacks against millions of websites. In fact, bots account for 58% of all web traffic, and 22% of these bots are bad. They infect home computers, servers, and IoT devices like game consoles and smart TVs. These bots leverage networks of compromised devices to launch attacks.