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Data Breach

Recently, a large number of people have suffered from a Data Breach. In one case, a hacker gained access to over 200,000 credit card numbers through a website. In another case, an Australian graphic design service named Canva was compromised. According to the company, about 137 million users had their passwords stolen, although the hackers could only view partial payment data. During the 2014 eBay hack, 145 million accounts were exposed. The attackers gained access to the company’s network by stealing the credentials of three office workers. Fortunately, the breach was discovered after two weeks of the attackers getting into the network.

After a data breach, a company should create a comprehensive communications plan to reach affected parties. This plan should address the needs of both consumers and business executives. Companies should avoid misleading statements or withholding key information. In addition, they should not publicly release information that could put consumers’ privacy at risk. Companies should also anticipate questions that might be asked by affected individuals. This may involve posting the most frequently asked questions on their website.

Another common type of Data Breach occurs when an employee or a third-party accidentally or deliberately steals sensitive information. The information may be used for personal gain, or it may be sold on the black market. In more serious cases, an attacker may even contact an organization and demand a ransom for the information.