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What Is Malware and How Does It Affect Your Computer?


Malware is a form of software and firmware that harms the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of computer systems and networks. This type of software often uses malicious scripts to cause a variety of problems. Many malware infections target websites and other online services. These attacks can result in data loss, unauthorized use, or even financial loss.

Worms are one of the most common types of malware. These programs can replicate themselves and remain active on other infected computers. Worms can even act as delivery agents for other malware that targets computers. Another type of malware is adware. This type of software generates revenue for its developers by displaying advertisements and collecting personal information from users.

Malicious adverts can cause severe battery drain and make your device unusable. Malware is also used to build botnets – a network of compromised devices controlled by cybercriminals. These botnets can range from just a few compromised devices to millions. To build a botnet, the hackers must find a way to infect a lot of vulnerable devices.

Malware is usually spread through malicious email attachments or phishing emails. It can also spread through file sharing software. File sharing software allows malware to replicate itself on a computer system or removable storage media.