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What Is a Data Breach?

Data Breach

A major Data Breach can expose the private information of millions of people. For instance, Target Corporation recently disclosed that a major breach occurred, exposing the personal information of more than 110 million customers. The breach caused numerous lawsuits and cost Target tens of millions of dollars in legal settlements. Another massive data breach occurred at Yahoo, which was discovered in 2016 while investigating a separate security incident.

A Data Breach is a serious issue that can affect companies, governments, and private individuals. Not only does it result in loss of personal information, it can also result in expensive fines and loss of reputation. In addition, a Data Breach can involve the exposure of highly sensitive information, which is especially dangerous when it comes to the government.

A Data Breach can occur for many reasons, including weak passwords, phishing campaigns, malware, and network vulnerabilities. It can also be the result of user error. In either case, it is vital to meet all of your compliance requirements. Fortunately, there are data security platforms available to help you protect sensitive data.

If you’ve experienced a Data Breach, you need to make sure that you’ve notified your customers and affected individuals as soon as possible. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in June 2018, and it stipulates that companies must notify their customers of any breach within 72 hours. The law is mandatory for organizations both inside and outside of the EU that provide goods and/or monitor the behavior of EU data subjects.