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Data Breach Prevention – Developing a Data Breach Response Plan

While Data Breach prevention is never easy, a detailed plan can help minimize the impact of a breach on your organization and its users. First, determine what data has been compromised. Determine the extent of the breach and if it affects other systems. Then, determine how to remediate the breach. This will include identifying and logging affected systems.

Determine the nature of the breach and how to notify affected parties. Forensic experts may be needed to analyze systems and software to determine the cause of the breach. This will help determine whether it’s necessary to notify affected parties or compliance authorities. In addition, forensic experts can help rebuild compromised systems and patch vulnerabilities.

After a data breach, organisations may receive an influx of data protection requests and complaints. Ensure your organisation’s data protection response plan reflects how you’ll deal with these requests and complaints. Consider the impact to individual users and inform them of their rights. Also, consider the compensation options available in case of a data breach.

A data breach can impact your business financially and can damage your reputation. Companies such as Target, Yahoo, and Equifax have all suffered from breaches. These breaches resulted in huge damages to the bottom line. Government organizations also may be susceptible to data breaches. In some cases, highly sensitive government data may be exposed to foreign parties. This can jeopardize the safety of citizens and military operations.