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Cyber-attacks are an increasing threat to governments, businesses, and individuals. They can originate from state-sponsored cyber warfare units or hacktivist groups. Cyberthreat News aims to inform readers about current threats and what they can do to protect themselves. It is published daily and provides in-depth coverage of recent cyber-attacks.

A recent cyberattack caused the shutdown of operations for JBS, the world’s largest meatpacker. In addition, it affected the slaughter of livestock in plants in several US states. In response, the company is strengthening its cyber defenses. Cyber-physical attacks have a wide range of targets, ranging from transportation systems to multibillion-dollar military systems.

Recent cyber attacks on medical institutions have also increased. In April 2021, more than 530 million Facebook users had their personal data exposed online. Facebook said that this data was obtained through scraping. Moreover, the Colonial Pipeline attack highlighted the growing threat of sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. It resulted in fuel disruptions and mass panic buying in the U.S. Another notable attack targeted South Staffordshire Water Company. It compromised data on employees and clients. The attack reportedly resulted in the loss of $34 million.

Another notable cyber threat is ransomware. This type of malware targets companies’ critical infrastructure, and cost billions of dollars each year. These attacks are fueled by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which make it possible to pay the ransom anonymously. Companies are focused on strengthening their defenses against ransomware attacks. But some experts predict that ransomware will continue to target small businesses, and even individuals with high net worth.